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Kristi Seals The Deal


Ah, the lifetime of a realtor! Demonstrating houses to studs who indeed do not wish to purchase the rest and simply wish to ogle the gal realtor’s pinkmans, as a result of as everyone knows, all gal realtors have thick pinkmans and enjoy to demonstrate them off in cock-squeezing, low-cut or sheer tops. Kristi Kream, a 44-year-old divorcee and mom of 4 from Connecticut, is demonstrating off her thick pinkmans, however her disappointment is obvious as mademoiselle attempts to coax her customer that is the fitting palace for him. What does mademoiselle must do? Flash him her pinkmans? Deepthroat his fuck stick? Drill him?

Sure, sure and sure!

As a result of when Kristi will get down on her knees and will get all the way down to biz, biz soars.

Sure, the palace has lovely mild. It is highly roommate. However extra importantly, realtor Kristi fellates the dude’s fuck stick all the way down to the foundation, and her falcon crest gapes when the now-lucky customer eliminates his fuck stick from her moist danger clam.

SPOILER ALERT! Kristi seals the deal. Teenybopper additionally deepthroats the jizm off his captain.

Btw, in actual lifestyles, Kristi is a parademic.

Pastimes: “Going to the health club and spending time with circle of relatives and mates.”

Fetishes: “I’ve a big jizm fetish. I’ve additionally liked some restrain bondage and water sports activities.”

Coupling with junior dudes? “Sure! I’ve been with dudes twenty years junior than me bunch occasions.”

Is mademoiselle sexually pushy or passive? “Passive.”

No longer right here mademoiselle is not.

Date: March 13, 2023

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