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What Is To Your Coochie, Amy?


Do not you enjoy when a bundle you ordered arrives? Amy, a 59-year-old mother I’d like to screw and divorcee from the United Kingdom, certainly does. You witness, little one is aware of what is within the coochie, however what is about to be in her coochie? The fucktoys that got here within the coochie and the supply guy’s private eye!

Btw, the supply guy is youthfull sufficient to be her son-in-law. He is 32 years junior than her.

We do not know if this supply got here from Amazon High, however Amy is certainly top, from her wondrous face to her hefty Ben and Jerry to her pierced fanny boo and extra.

50Plus MILFs: Are you into any fetishes?

Amy: Sure. Spandex.

50Plus MILFs: Have you ever ever had a sexual tryst with some other damsel?

Amy: Sure, and I liked it!

50Plus MILFs: What is your sexual desire?

Amy: A group screw.

50Plus MILFs: What sexually satiates you greatest?

Amy: Making boners jizm.

Date: July 16, 2023

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