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Destroy Her In Part


Rattling it, Laurie! Periodically a little doll is so excellent, you simply get raging at her. Laurie Vargas is that form of girl. Baby’s a Latina with easily suntanned flesh, a skinny mid-body and enormous ol’ bottom. Her gig opens with Laurie poppin’ what her mama gave her.

“Oh, I am so super-naughty,” lady says in her beautiful Spanish accessory. “This side-ways smile is so wild and prepped for some activity in there.”

Oh, there may be going to be a pile of activity, do not be disturbed, Laurie. Our tadpolestar Jordan Ashley luvs Latinas and he’ll give her the kind of love whistle a immense girl is worth. The kind of plumbing gals like Laurie deserve is the rigid kind; the borderline offended kind the place the little doll is maintaining on for expensive existence as a result of you could destroy her in part. Jordan brutes on her similar to that as he screws her bottom and rosebud tighter than lady has ever gotten blinked.

Date: November 25, 2023

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