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Isa Gomez Takes Over scoreland


“Howdy, folks!” says bubbly and bubble Isa Gomez. “I truly wish to have fun. Include me and let’s stay having a supreme time. The colour of this underwear appears brilliant with my flesh colour.”

Isa (pronounced E-Sa) debuted at XLGirls. Now teenybopper makes her SCORELAND debut. Her inborn fried eggs are mind-blowing. Intense-hanging and flexible. Ideal for flapping, clapping and self-sucking. Isa is a smiler and luvs to play.

Isa is a in demand daughter within the Colombian big-bust style group. Her circle of mates come with Mer and Angie Bravo.

“Right here in Colombia, it’s tough for me to shop for hooter-slings. My fried eggs are highly immense, highly fleshy and highly succulent. I purchase normal hooter-slings off the Pia Zadoras. I do not require off the hook ones, however they’re rock-hard to search out in my dimension. I wish to have a pile of enhance as a result of my fried eggs are so mighty, as you seat observe.”

Date: November 9, 2023

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