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The Place Of Work: score Fashion


The high-pressure day of a businesswoman is stressfull, and that strain must be whipped out prior to it builds up an excessive amount of steam. Juliana Simms unearths some way all the way through a twenty-minute destroy prior to any other rattling encounter. We chatted to Juliana after youth left the place of work for the day.

SCORE: Juliana, what attracted you to naked modeling?

Juliana: I used to be instructed about The SCORE Gang and I believed my assets used to be good for this sort of modeling.

SCORE: Is there anything else we will have to learn about you that we do not know?

Juliana: I feel that you understand all by way of now.

SCORE: What apparel do you assume you sight sexiest in?

Juliana: I feel I sight sexiest in a sundress. Possibly dudes produce other concepts.

SCORE: Do you put on poor swimsuits whilst you move to holiday hotels?

Juliana: At all times. Highly fabulous swimsuits and bikinis.

SCORE: What makes your nips stiff?

Juliana: A tongue munching them makes them highly stiff.

Date: November 19, 2023

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